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Pick Up and Delivery Commercial Laundry Service in Steamboat Springs

When time is money - Apex Laundry Care is the giver of time. Schedule our commercial laundry pickup and delivery Monday - Friday. We will pickup all your linens from you. They will be washed, dried, neatly folded, and returned back to you.

All your linens will be washed with our medical-grade Ozone laundry sanitation system. Your laundry will be removed of 99.99% pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and COVID-19.

We can handle all your:

  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Robes
  • Comforters
  • Blankets
  • Mattress Pads
  • Cleaning Rags
  • Pillows
  • Pool Towels

Scheduling Commerical Laundry Pickup Service

  1. Click on "Schedule a Pickup"
  2. Input your information
  3. Have your commercial laundry ready for when the driver arrives

How Does Commercial Laundry Pickup Service work?

  • We wash your linens with our premium detergent 
  • If you like your laundry done a certain way there is a place in the ordering process where you can tell us how you would like it done - we want to do your laundry the way you want it done
  • Do you have a stain you want us to look at? Just note it when you place your order and we will take a look at it and do our best to remove it for you

When is Commercial Laundry Pickup and Delivery Available?

  • Our commercial laundry delivery service in Steamboat Springs is available Monday - Friday
Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per Pound

**25 lb Minimum Order

Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per Pound

**25 lb Minimum Order